Uninstall HQProVideo1.6v24.12 – How to Completely remove HQProVideo1.6v24.12

Easy steps to completely remove HQProVideo1.6v24.12 from your PC / Laptop


HQProVideo1.6v24.12 is considered as adware which generally attach itself with spam emails, free softwares, removable devices to sneak in the system. It carries ability to install its own add-on or extension in the default browser without the users consent. HQProVideo1.6v24.12 will display that your video player is outdated which you need to update in order to watch the videos in high quality. Even it also provides free download link and convince the users to install software from its site. You must know that it is only a trick of the hackers to enhance network traffic of its site. HQProVideo1.6v24.12 is not trustworthy, so you need to remove its presence quickly.

Once you click on Install button provided by HQProVideo1.6v24.12 then it is possible that lots of additional programs will secretly invade in the PC. It can affect the working speed of the system in which opening a file can also take more time. This threat carries ability to record the IP address, surfing history or cookies of the compromised system and send them to the remote hackers. It is extremely dangerous for your personal identity also. Therefore, we recommend you to remove HQProVideo1.6v24.12 permanently it is available in your system.

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How HQProVideo1.6v24.12 Enters In The PC?

As mentioned earlier, it comes in the PC by attaching itself with the freewares or removable devices. Besides this, there are many more ways which is used by HQProVideo1.6v24.12 to enter in the system. Some of the common points are given below:-

  • Executable code attacks
  • With other potential stuffs such as spyware, adware, malware etc.
  • Sharing files on social media or P2P networks.
  • Using pen drives without proper scanning.
  • Visiting unauthorized sites.

Consequences Of HQProVideo1.6v24.12:-

Long time presence of HQProVideo1.6v24.12 can result extremely dangerous for the system efficiency. It does not allow the users to work normally and interrupts by showing error messages or warning alerts. You will receive lots of pop ups and advertisements at the time of online shopping which is completely annoying. Some of the common symptoms are mentioned below:-

  • Automatic change in the default settings including privacy or security settings, homepage browser, desktop background, DLL files, DNS configurations, file system etc.
  • Stops from accessing legitimate sites.
  • Download malicious stuffs and harmful threats.
  • Steals sensitive information of the users and send them to remote servers.
  • Use huge space in the system resources.
  • Corrupt the stored documents and files.
  • Disables Firewall alert, task manager and antivirus program.

Manual Guide To Remove HQProVideo1.6v24.12:-

Step 1: Start the system in safe mode.

Step 2: Open Control Panel → Programs and features. Select the unwanted programs and click on Uninstall button.

Step 3: Go to task manager and switch to Process tab. You need to detect all the fake processes created by the adware and terminate them quickly.

Step 4: Open Windows Registry Editor. Tap for fake processes and remove them from the system.

Step 5: Search all the fake files, folders, shortcuts and icons from several location and click on remove button after selecting them.

Automatic Guide To Remove HQProVideo1.6v24.12:-

The above mentioned manual method is lengthy process and requires technical knowledge. It is associated with high risk which cannot be used by novice users. If you delete any important files accidentally then permanent freezing of the PC is also possible. To remove HQProVideo1.6v24.12 easily without any hassle, you can make use of Automatic HQProVideo1.6v24.12 Removal Tool which provides easy-to-use interface and simple process. It is extremely powerful which can scan the system internally and wipes out the malicious threats permanently to protect the system. Even it is also helpful in increasing the working speed of the system and makes corrupted accessible again. Its System guard feature will protect your system from future troubles and stops harmful threats to enter. Network Sentry will protect the system during web surfing. You can download the trial version of the software whose link is given below to check its working efficiency and speed.

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