Uninstall CheckMeApp – How to Completely remove CheckMeApp

Easy steps to completely remove CheckMeApp from your PC / Laptop


CheckMeApp is also another malign adware program that silently get inside the targeted computer and claim to state your Internet connection speed. It pretends to be a genuine program that provide the details about your Internet speed like download speed, upload speed, ping speed etc. You can analyze and save the result shown by this app as a proof of your Internet speed. This kind of feature seems very important and useful but actually CheckMeApp is just another adware program created by cyber crooks to trick your money. It is an open scam that you can observe at your computer screen.

CheckMeApp mainly intrude your computer system through spam mails, suspicious websites, bundled freeware, shareware etc. After getting inside your computer, it could easily drop its malicious codes into the Windows registry files for getting automatically started every time you boot your PC. Its main intension is to promote sponsored websites and products for making profit for its creators and partners. For this purpose it shows non-stop ads and pop-up on your desktop and also redirect your browser on infected system.

CheckMeApp is able to infect any of your web browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and others. Once connected with your browser, it may easily modify the settings, homepage and search engine of your compromised web browser. It can also steal your personal information by monitoring your web browser and send to remote hackers. Moreover, it may also open backdoor in your PC for other threats and malware. You are advised to quickly delete CheckMeApp from your system.

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How CheckMeApp Infect Your PC

CheckMeApp silently infiltrate your system through various deceptive methods without any information and permission. Some of the most common ways and reasons behind this unwanted intrusion are :-

  • Malicious web browsing on regular basis.

  • Downloading lots of free applications from untrusted resources.

  • Opening spam or junk mail attachments.

  • Using outdated anti-virus protection while browsing the Internet.

  • Disable or Blocked Windows Firewall security.

  • Use of infected removable storage media.

  • Sharing files on unsafe network.

What are The Harmful Effects Of CheckMeApp

  • Silently goes into your system without your permission.

  • Make several unwanted and malicious changes in your PC.

  • Assail your web browser and modify its settings.

  • Show unlimited annoying ads and pop-ups on your system.

  • Disable your anti-spyware program and Firewall.

  • Steal personal informations and send to cyber criminals.

  • Open backdoor in PC to invite harmful threats and virus.

  • It provides remote access of your PC to cyber crooks.

How To Remove CheckMeApp From PC

Step 1 – Remove From Control Panel

  • Go to Start menu.

  • Select Control Panel option.

  • Now click on Programs and Features option.

  • Choose Uninstall a program category.

  • Select the threat and click on Remove button.

Step 2 – Uninstall From Infected Web Browser

From Internet Explorer :

  • Firstly click on Internet Explorer icon from your task bar

  • Then click on tool options and click on manage add-ons

  • Select and remove CheckMeApp.

  • Then exit the application.

From Mozilla Firefox :

  • Firstly click on Mozilla firefox icon from task bar

  • After that type “about:addons” in address bar

  • Then Go to browser Extension.

  • Select and delete CheckMeApp.

  • Exit the application

From Google Chrome :

  • First of all type the “chrome”//extensions in address bar”

  • Then Go to browser add-on lists.

  • Select and remove CheckMeApp.

  • Exit the application.

Step 3 – Delete From Registry Editor

  • Go To Start menu.

  • Open search box and type “regedit”

  • Select and delete all threat related entries.

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